COMPETITION: The Evil Of Doktor Rex

Doktor Rex - Evil Of Doktor Rex COMPETITION Artwork |

Challenge The Evil Of Doktor Rex, Abuja’s illest music producer and save the world from his mayhem; responsible for hits ranging from “No Need To Vex” by UzyOne, “U Send Me” by Hot Ice and “The Way U Like It” by PlayBoyButter a.k.a Zenom featuring Yung Slick and 5mics. This is no mission for the faint-hearted as the evil Doktor Rex’s mix of “Alchemy“, “Afrosonic” and “Overload” vibes proves deadly.

Download and record just a verse and hook on any of Doktor Rex’s tracks and win yourself a full version of the track with free promotions, a free video also awaits the best of the 3 winners.

Alchemy” is designed for rappers while “Afrosonic” and “Overload” tracks are for singers and rappers; prepare yourself, for great is the challenge but greater your reward. This challenge runs for 3 weeks starting from the 19th of January to the 9th of February. Winners will be chosen based on lyrical content and delivery. Send your recorded tracks to with the title of the track, your name and contact; all rights to the beats belong to Core Studios. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Doktor Rex – Alchemy [prod. by Doktor Rex]

DOWNLOAD ~ Doktor Rex – Afrosonic [prod. by Doktor Rex]

DOWNLOAD ~ Doktor Rex – Overload [prod. by Doktor Rex]

COMPETITION The Evil Of Doktor Rex

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