Hold on a second.Who told you that sad people never have happy times?They say that every cloud has a silver lining.From my experience,I can argue that to be true.
Even though my love is not always available when I need him,I can assure you that when I’m with him,he makes me happy and he lights up my world.He tells me how much he loves me and reminds me of the fact that though we’re worlds apart,I’m always in his heart.He’s adorable,charming,handsome,sexy,intelligent and smart.He never forgets me.He’s a fantastic man and the only man I want and need.I remember the first time he said “I Love You”.It was like I had doves flying over my head and roses dancing in my heart.Every part of my body awakened,I was overwhelmed.astounded and speechless.He stole my breath there and then.I had never slept so well in my life like this.I was overjoyed to know he felt the same way.I also remember when I tried to leave him and we didn’t speak for long,my heart got broken and I was hurt.He told me that he still loved me and even when asked me why I wanted to cheat on him,I cried like a child was lost and he still forgave me.
He’s my pride,my love,my diamond,Ife mi,Aye mi,my everything and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.As much as it hurts that he’s not always around,I’m thankful for what I have,his love.

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