Wonders shall seize

Tobi, a graduate and alumni of the High-tech University at Maduguri, was the desire of every single woman. At 46 tobi still managed to retain his young looks and smug smile that girls had found handsomely fascinating! Tobi who had graduated with a 2.1 G.P.A, had not wasted anytime in finding a job after his NYSC 15 years ago. Now he had climbed so high up the rank and was seating comfortably on wealth. He never had time for a woman when it came to commitments but Tobi also had a deep weakness for the female species, Tobi was a proud woman wrapper and he usually frequented strip clubs, drinking joints and all sorts!
One friday evening, after Tobi’s tiring day at the office all he had wanted to do was head out to any joint to take a light(smoke). He was still dressed in his fitted tux and white inner t-shirt with his well polished leather shoes and gold wrist-watch that spoke well of his status. Once inside the bar Tobi started to smoke, drink and eye the cheap girls who flocked in and out of the bar! Not up to 20 minutes that Tobi had been at the bar, he noticed a lady sitting alone at a corner sipping from her cup of brandy. She was dressed in a fitted top and skirt which brought out more of her curves while she sat, her weave was long and full and brought out the beauty of her fair skinned face which shone with the brightest of all red lipsticks and her ear-rings sparkled in the dim bar light. She was holding one of the expensive phones at the time that Tobi who was so impressed with the way she packaged herself immediately felt the urge to meet the beautiful lady who fit his kind of status. Tobi stood up, walked to her and after a short while of having to get familiar with each other, got talking. They talked for a while and later went into one of the rooms where they both shared a freaky night together!
Tobi later awoke to find the beautiful girl gone and sight a gold ring seating calmly on his finger. Some few inches away from him lay a note which read ‘Hey Tobi, It was fun last night but I had to leave. I found something really intriguing on my finger early this morning and I was scared for what I feared it must have been! How drunk were we last night? I think I must have proposed and I think you must have accepted and then I see the certificate of a marriage which I have to shred into pieces! Its okay anyways, I am willing to take this as a joke’ Tobi lay on the bed so confused! Indeed they had both had a lot to dirnk, in his attempt to drunken the pretty damsel into having sex with him he had also shared some cups with her and was surprised at how much of a heavy drinker she was! He then removed the ring, closed it in his right palm and got refreshed to leave!
Soon enough Tobi forgot about the little incident and was back to his normal life with the boring office weekdays and crazy weekends with booze and the ladies. Not until the day when they had to change his boss and not until the day he found out that his new boss was the lady whom that night hadn’t ended quite well with . He hoped to God that she wouldn’t recognise him but his hope fell on flat feet as the next day she requested to see him in her office. Tobi expected the worst but chose to cover up his anxiety with his irresistible smug smile. Maybe he could get a second chance at having the fair lady once more!
Once he entered he saw her carrying a baby in one of her arms and his heart skipped a beat, but he fought so desperately not to show it in his facial expression. He guessed it worked because she stared at him with a smile on her very bright lips before saying ‘ Here Is Juliana, Our Child’ He stood at the doorway for a minute without moving, he just stared at this child who looked every ounce like him. Tobi didn’t know what to do, he walked up to the woman and held the child up in the air. He then looked to her for an explanation but she gave him none so he swallowed deep and knew that he had a family now!!

LESSON: Usually one doesn’t plan out his life!! Life plans the person’s journey! Be inspired! Bless

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