About: AceWorldTeam

AceWorldTeam is an Online PR platform based in Nigeria.

We here at AceWorldTeam aim to project the finest of youngest Nigerian artistes’ on the rise, giving them a voice to reach out to the Nigerian people and beyond. Just as is with most other Online PR teams, the AceWorldTeam is out to project new acts in the music industry but we stand out by combining that needed dedication together with an extra edge to hard-work by giving fresh and young artistes a face to be showcased to masses. We also act as an advisory team to artistes who come to us as regards Online PR and basics on Artiste Management.


Not only do we endeavour to project the up and coming acts in the Nigerian Music Industry, we also keep in touch with most of the veteran Nigeria artistes who still stay relevant in the music industry.

Asides putting up songs and music videos on the website, we also project radio shows and also articles which are relevant not only to the music world, but also to life as we not only plan to entertain, but we also plan to educate and impact knowledge to the visitors on our site.

AceWorldTeam, as is visible brings together three words for it’s creation. The team’s a group of people who are aces and stay relevant in their respective fields as they tend to stand out in their own way. We regard AceWorld as the family name and AceWorldTeam as the entire crew who have set a vision and are ready to stand by it as Online Publicists for young growing acts in the Nigerian Music Industry.

The website is manged by “DJ Sean” who is more than just a disc-jockey. Stay on the vibes with “DJ Sean” every Friday night from 9pm on 19jaRadio.



DJ Sean

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