Here, Have A Seat With Me


Whoever said penning down thoughts was easy? In fact that person should be slapped! For all those non-beautiful minds out there, yes you, stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is too show that there can be beauty in disorder. That simple words can just be as beautiful and effective.

Jagged Edge, Boys II Men, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Bolton, even Terry G had no problems so why should I?

Don’t expect to find poetically woven words designed to entice with optical illusions. No! Just me penning down as it plays in my head.

For you poets, you can sneer all you want, I no send. I just want to write so keep your red pen at bay before you unleash those word-missiles!

Oh, my name is Candy by the way. Sounds sweet doesn’t it? **Yimu**


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