That Change!

‘What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?’
        Change is a prominent factor in anyones life, You have to change before you grow. Before everyone was this little kid who who either loved or disliked breast milk. 17 years later we have changed, we have developed thats what change is like. Moving on gradually until you forget your past behaviour and inhabit a new one.
        Changing is a hard task for some while others change daily. But whatever the case may be the kind of change you choose to accept now would determined your future and how it would be affected because with every decision comes a price. Before someone changes from a bad behaviour he or she would have decided on his or her own what he or she wanted. When you make that decision, you accept it in your heart and you work towards it that is chnage.
   For some, change has to do with their lifestyle. In the sense of living high above your ordinary means when you are below the lifestyle you aim at achieving and that is false pretend change because that change only lasts a while. Mke honest changes to last you into an honest future. Be inspired to make that change and work towards that decision that would change your life forever.  Remember be inspired. Bless.




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