How Life Really Is

People always have this perfect view on life, for the girls it may be to have the  perfect curves, the perfect clothes, the perfect lips and on and on as for the guys it may be to have a perfectly comfortable life that would attract the right girls and take you to the most exotic places that life has to offer. But then again is that really the perfect life or do you  really think you are so perfect and so comfortable? Some people reading this already think their lives are the best as it gets with the Latest ipads, iphones and blackberry phones in the market or  owning  the 10 Million naira auto-mobiles that are on sale nowadays or is it the 24 inch brazillian hair that several girls sew to their hairs or is it leaving at banana island? All these simply make you live life comfortably. As far as I am concerned God is the only perfect being and so far as we were taken out of him, we are no where near perfect no matter what ever we do to feel we are. For the girls its to enhance your bodily value and give guys difficulty in looking at the right lanes on the streets with their asses twerking left and right, but then that’s your idea of perfect or yeah! attending some of the hotest parties and borrowing clothes or sleeping around for money to change your wardrobe, maybe thats your perfect or maybe its not. Because while some of you cry about not having the latest iphone’s , someone else out there cries because he has nothing to give his family to eat that night. In all things there should be moderation, yes you can have your  iphone, ipad and em lots but that doesnt mean you need to get the one that just came out yesterday the next day that’s just simply called impulse buying which is buying something you know you wouldnt need plus phones are just phones not  ‘I must get’ items. Be wise.
Your life is not perfect but your dream is, I call it your little daydream about life. If you see someone daydreaming about something, you see the way they are lost in thought? They might be staring at you but not actually looking cus their minds have travelled far? Well thats exactly how life is, you daydream for a while and then you wake up to the striking reality and see life for the actual race that it is. Some people daydream longer than others do and those are the people who feel they have the perfect lives, perfect friends but this category of people snap out of it in death, yes in DEATH. And then those who daydream for a short while, when they actually snap out of it, it might be too late but then they have lessons to learn but the good thing is that they move on. One’s life cannot be perfect because believe it or not you are an emotional bastard, you have gotten angry with someone before, cried before, felt pain, hurt and lots before and all those are emotions that tie you down one way or the other. So how can you have a squeak clean blissful life with some ruff and tumble amongst your rosy life dream? Be thoughtful.
The term ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ strikes me as a mild but sharp statement and I basically interprete it as someone who has acknowledged how imperfect he or she is at everything he or she does, knows their flaws and are ready to convert it to their strength and are confident in their own person. Yes that’s life, a beautiful life an Imperfect life.


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