Anita: I have low self esteem, i guess it started when I started trusting people with things and then from there it got to trusting people with everything. Their opinions always mattered in my life and I always took everything they said seriously but now I feel damaged and now I find it hard to believe in myself. But I learned that to be a reformed being you have to learn to love yourself and be yourself cus well no one can ever be that for you.


Temi: I am fat. Very fat. I dont seem to have guys hang around me much infact I’ve gotten so used  to my nickname ‘Mama’ but I am surprised when older or married men come to meet me instead of my fellow mates. Once a 37 year old man came along and then I was only 12. Now I am 18 and now I am loosing it. But after a while of realising that I was the one causing this for myself. I decided to have a determined heart, eat less and excercise more. Within a year I was a size 10 from my previous size 18. An achievement you would think? A detemination of one’s mind to his set goal I call it. But hey always love yourself just the way you are. If you are unhappy with your body, do something about it but if vice versa is the case then live your life a free person, a free woman.


Kehinde: I am pretty, i have the flatest stomach but not the nicest body. I always wanna have something to shake around whenever I walk the streets. Slutty? I know! But guys love that in a girl and that’s exactly why I want those assets. I dont wanna be Skinny Kenny like I am usually called at school. After a while of thinking I figured why want to impress people who do not really even care? Why have that mentality in the first place? I should be able to love the way I was created and never have greedy eyes to lust after things I wasnt naturally endowed with. I do not need a boob job to look pretty, neither do I need Silicon balls in my ass to get the attention out of guys. Guys would always like who they will, we cant just stop karma and thats just the shit. i think I’d have a change of heart and then maybe, just maybe would I find my prince charming.


Dwayne: I am a guy. I dont really have a probkem. I just wanna advice the ladiies on two things. We aint gonn marry yall if yall cant cook and yall be walking around with two left hands unable to make simple breakfast  and second, we only date the bad ones to occupy our time for now  and get the desired satisfaction the good ones wouldnt give us. But later, when we wanna get settled, butch we go to the fcuking church and get our asses groomed women who we’ve always kept at the back of our minds since forever. Ladies this is the truth and yall  better understand this.



Debri: I like girls who show their tits in pictures but I can never marry you. I couda been your first but that dont mean I’ll walk you down the Isle, Be wise ladeis and be smart too.


Nneka: My parents were very rich and I had the best of life but things went wrong somewhere and our family wealth was distrupted. Because I had created this very high standard of myself to others I couldnt bear to come down the chain so I stral from mom and dad to survive but things are getting worse and they are beginning to appreciate every single drop of money now and are very protective of it. Now i go to yaba market to get my clothes, bend down select they call it but I still brag about these things cus I find it difficult to control myself. After a while I came to understand that pride wasnt a good thing and i had to discard it. Did I mention that my so called friends deserted me? well, they did and I am happy that they did because now I can start all  over.


MORAL LESSON: A girls life ranges from complex to tense and from tense to confusing and from confusing to depressing. Its better you find yourself before its too do so again. Bless. Be Inspired ^.^






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