Names Are So Powerful

Names are powerful things. I remember when everyone talked about how Goodluck Jonathan’s name had worked for him throughout his political years and how it had finally paid off with making him the president of NIGERIA. I also remember just a week ago, i was at the Glo office wanting to get a new modem and when I was referred to the registration center, the man before me was asked for his name and he replied ‘I am Goodluck John’ It was hillarious really and i sincerely hope his name works for him too 😀 😀 😀

           But on a more serious note, names mean a lot and determine where someone is going. Some people have beautiful and brght fiuture’s ahead of them but their names are the reasons why they do not succeed.

             Using good names for your business also helps that is why i really want to commend WIZKID who is originally called Ayo Balogun( I hope I got the name right) for a brilliant choice in picking that name as his stage name. During one of my English classes, i was having a thorough study of the English dictionary when my eyes did a lazy glance at the REAL MEANING OF WIZKID and here is what I came across. According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary a Wizkid is someone who is very good and successful especially at a young age. It is spelt as whizzkid in the dictionary incase someone might want to check it out.

                 people that have beautiful names always have beautiful future’s. But if your name isnt beautiful or you feel its a name that can traumatize your already awaiting future, the only thing to do is believe that it is. ‘My name is Elizabeth and i have a beautiful future ahead of me’ That is what i say to myself every morning and that is what you should say concerning your future every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed.

               Your name is your future. So believe and It would be so. Bless 🙂


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