#REVIEW: Rado – DANCE FOR ME [prod. by Major 1]

Hey People,

I know I’m new to y’all but don’t worry, y’all gonna get used to me very soon. My name is Deeva, I’m 17, a rapper, writer and a poet. Probably if you’ve heard the “Mercy” track by MCskill Tha Preacha,you’d know me.

Enough about me.

Rado - DANCE FOR ME [prod. by Major 1] Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

The song I’m gonna review today is Rado‘s “Dance For Me [prod. by Major 1]“. First of all,let me say that Major 1 is a very commendable producer. From Terry tha Rapman‘s “Testing 1,2” to “Winner” by Day 9 featuring Byno, he makes lovely beats and springs up beautiful/fantastic quality. I admire his ability to always do better everytime. Big ups, Major 1.

Now to Rado; I’m in love with his voice. The way he sang on that track will actually make a lady fall for him; the song is a beautiful love and party song that can move anyone. Major 1, as usual produced it properly, with good mastering quality and added a nice and beautiful talking drum beat with a touch of Western beat and believe me, the combo is beautiful. That sound, especially when using headphones is very lovely. If I were the girl Rado was speaking to, no time to take time o, I will definitely dance with him. Even though his diction has a traditional background, he still does well with his diction and pronounces the words in a way that they fit the track and it makes the track appealing to the audience.

Well, here are my ratings:

Production: 8/10
Beat: 7/10
Vocal: 6/10
Diction: 6/10

DOWNLOAD ~ Rado – DANCE FOR ME [prod. by Major 1]

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