You Need A Friend

Everyone needs friends.I can say this anywhere i go, my friends are special to me. I remember those times I’d watch the OC and wish I had a dedicated group like Seth Cohen, summer Roberts, Ryan art wood and Melissa. Their friendship is one that really never happens, one that brings unfocused memories to the human mind. For a really long time I understood the value of friendship with the likes of some of my highschool pals but now that I am in the university, one thing I really got to understand is that true friends are really hard to find and in order to find them, you have to really search really far look real deep and be on your toes for when they might come along.
                                                     It took a while before I found someone who really understood me,  we met in my sophmore year, at a general class, we were so different, we had different opinion on things. We could even be compared to the different ends of a battery, though staying together was indeed a struggle I am proud to say that we are best of friends till this day. In essence all i am trying to say is you do not move forward if you are always on your own all the time or you think you can do it all, you only move forward because of the people who  help you in their little way and in order to find that helper you have to start by making that person your friend first. Even superman has friends because he knows he cant be at a million places at the same time. I’ve never heard of anyone saying he or she never made any friend at any point in his or her life, but some people just feel neglected from the world after some time due to one reason or the other.  
                       To all the loners out there, i understand that there must have been something that would have pushed you into that shell probably a friend going behind your back to make fun of you, gossip about you and or people laughing at you because you have a defect, but staying alone wouldnt help. Being alone wouldnt help you out at all, it would only make you bitter and make you wonna hate yourself the more. You are therefore adviced to love yourself more than anything because no one else loves you better than you do yourself. Low self esteems should be changed to self confidence and poor looks down on what life has to offer should be changed to the better things you have to offer life. Bless.


7 responses to “You Need A Friend

  1. While searching for friends, we should pray God rewards our frantic search with true friends who are trustworthy and would always be there for us. I’m with you on the fact that everybody needs friends. Nice write-up!

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