Dear Dear Sarah!

.My name is Sarah, I am 18 and I am the only child of my parents .I get everything i want but what i really want! My parents would never be willing to give me, FREEDOM! I  am never allowed outto have fun with my friends. The drill is usually School, Home, Church, Home yes it is that sad . Most times my friends have to come around in groups pleading for my father to allow them take me out, but he never agrees instead he calls their parents and lectures them on having bad children who want to spoil me his daughter and this usually puts some of friends in trouble. I am losing my friends and partly loosing my teenage life. My name Is Sarah and I am concerned.
When I am away at school, its like I am  back at home, in a school where the teachers use the rod of correction for the smallest of things. Once i flogged because I didnt sit straight at the Cafeteria table, their belief is that they are grooming us to be prim and proper ladies but my belief is totally different.lts an only girls school and sometimes they touch me in sensitive places and tell me I am pretty, i tell my matrons but none of them seem much of help, i tell dad but he doesnt believe me, he says he wants the best for me yet i am getting the worst. I would soon be 19 and yet i havent even kissed a boy. My name is Sarah and I am worried.
I am starting college next year and i am scared of what i am going to face, are boys scary human beings? Are they horrible creatures? or are they just like dad, big and old just waiting for us to grow so they pick us up from the wayside to get married and multiply. My name is Sarah and I am curious.
After a year at college, i have made so many mistakes. I have slept with different guys, i have smoked excessively, i’ve been on drugs and now i have a few moths to live because of the so many diseases i carry. i blame my father and the fool sits there and cries as he sees me lay on the hospital bed and whispher ‘Old man you caused this’ and i breathed my last. My name is Sarah and now I am free.

In this case I sincerely feel sarah’s parents were the one’s to blame. In the sense that you dont just lock someone up and say you are protecting them, maybe in the days of old that could be accepted but nowadays its just worng. My mom always tells me that its best she allows me out so I can make a few mistakes and correct myself along the way than for her to lock me up and when I get my chance of a break out I over explore and end up destroying myself as is the case with Sarah. Parents can never know what their children do behind their back, my mother can never know all the crazy shit I must have done but i know that if she had locked me up then i would have done worse and ended up worse. Parents be wise and as for the children, be understanding. Things would work out. Bless


6 responses to “Dear Dear Sarah!

  1. Nice write-up! But not all locked up children end up this way,it all has to do with one’s upbringing and the individual in question who is being nutured! I have friends who are locked up and when they are out in the uni they behave quite the same! Parents should stick to whatever they think is right for their kids and leave the rest to God! Xoxo

  2. I agree too, I’m sure if she is given another chance, she could be a good mother to her kids and not make the same mistakes but the cold hands of death is so cruel….

  3. 3 errors of omission, and It ended too quickly. But the lesson was clear. Would’v been more exciting if it was longer and detailed. You cut my fun short . Loved the point you drove at.

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