The Trip

That one thing, that one experience, that one memory that changes the rest of our lifes.That one song, that one article, that one book that changes our perspective.Let it not be seen but felt. Let it not be talked about but listened to. Let that hour, let that moment be your glimpse of inspiration to do something new, to create something different, to have a new name. Let that moment be your elevating pace to walk. Let your eyes sour above the normal into the  supernatural and allow your soul feel the glimpse of peace and satisfaction that your motivations lay as your relief.

                    Everyone goes on a trip, most return while very few are lost in the moment of thrill and passion in search of their greener pastures. In life, that trip is one of fate which is determined by your choice. My advice, choose well. Another advice, think well and think wise. When you are unsure of what to do sit down, repeat that same situation to yourself so you can hear it and the you’ll know what to do. Trust me psychologists dont really do anything to help your situation they simply repeat your problem to your ears so you can hear it and ponder on the problem. Simply put they repeat everything you tell them back to you because the reality is that you always had the answer to that problem, you never just noticed. No one can answer your unanswered questions because you both are different. Life is like a difficult examination many fail trying to copy others not realising that each one has a different question paper, Be wise and Have a safe trip through life’s confusing journey.



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