The Anonymous Writer (Part 5)

I thought I could open up my heart to the possibility of actually loving someone, I guess I was wrong. I get tired of things so easily and I need help, am already tried of this relationship which isn’t even up to a week yet. It’s sad I know but that’s just how it is in the vague reality of life. Oh well! Who am I to cheat nature?  I guess there is love but our generation hasn’t just seen it yet and that because it’s not our time to see it and we keep on rushing into it.
                                                   I have never been hurt before, never ever ever. But, I have hurt a lot of people. I never wanted it that way though, I always thought I could manage a lot on my hands but I guess I was wrong. It’s enough of my sadist tales, it’s not fair to me or anyone else to really learn of what a bad person I have truly become so I think I would stop here on this issue until I feel I have found real love and then I would come back and write about the possibilities of my new life but until all my scars heal, I am going to be a wanderer of uncertified love.



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