The Anonymous Writer(part4)

Atimes I sit down in a lonely place and think about life. Its not all the time i want to party and drink and have sex with various ladies. Sometimes i want to sit down in my lonely spot, take a lite and exhale all my troubles away from my heart. Dont call this an addiction just call it a bad way of relieving one’s self almost like farting in public. See, farting in your little corner isnt seen as a bad thing because we humans are do fart often to relieve ourselves, cant this also be related in that way and cant all your ever wondering eyes ever seize to exist?
           In my little corner, I smoke and the pain goes away atleast for a while. When I am fully recovered from that mental state I get bored and when I get bored I get hard. And when I am hard i need a woman to satisfy my urges. Then I am in the mood to party and drink and have sex with various ladies but then that’s me, and that’s how my life has been for the past 20 years. No moving forward nor moving back. Just in that same position all this years but I am happy because I am comfortable with my person and eventually when i decide to change i would but till then let’s respect me and in turn I would respect you honestly.



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