Nomoreloss – OJURI [prod. by Black Jersey]

Nomoreloss - OJURI [prod. by Black Jersey] Artwork |

He’s a veteran and here are his words for his new single: “This single is dedicated to MY GREATEST CRITIC who TODAY is MY GREATEST FAN. MY DAD who through the pains of CANCER remains SMILING and to my critics, fans and families with people LIVING with CANCER. To all my HARD WORKING PEOPLE out there, I hope you draw strength from this song and rekindle the FIRE INSIDE YOU to PURSUE YOUR PASSION and FOLLOW YOUR DREAM. We all get lost sometimes and I must admit to my fans and critics that for a while I FORGOT WHO I AM [NOT WAS]. In the seeming dilemma of my father’s SITUATION, I drew inspiration to turn MOURNING TO CELEBRATION and to remember that THOUGH I MAY FALL, I AM NOT FALLEN and THOUGH MEN MAY BEAT ME, I AM NOT BEATEN. MY NAME IS NOMORELOSS, I AM A MUSICIAN. I REMAIN STANDING“.

This is one song with depth; listen up to Nomoreloss on “Ojuri“. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Nomoreloss – OJURI [prod. by Black Jersey]


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