Nat’s Series: Ep 2

Mid-fall, when the leaves had started falling on the ground and everything looked really romantic and beautiful it reminded me of my ex, I decide to ring Bee Bee up to tell him how I have been doing so far. I found out from another friend he just returned from camp.

B, I am mad at the world and the male race right now, that bush baby dumped me after all I have been through with him“. Surprised Bee asks if I was alright and home at the moment he suggested coming over.

Took about an hour but he finally turned up with loads of chocolates my favorites so we got talking while we munched on chocolates. “The ex broke up with you via text?“, he asked. Oh yes he did that, fool. What did the text say? “You are a wonderful person and I don’t deserve to be with someone as special as you are, I just have to go figure out what I want in life and how to go about getting it. Hope you find someone who wants a relationship as much as you do and completes you”. “How about telling me all this the moment you realized I was too good for you“, I added in scorn. It’s his loss dearie.

So how are you doing generally?“. I used to cry every day, now I just can’t cry anymore. *Hugs* “Well I think you should take out time to heal and put the love game on hold for a while. You see after Rachael, I just though there isn’t any point in loving this hoes anymore; now I met these chicks that are OK with just having wild sex with me and don’t remember the name they were screaming out loud the night after“. WOW!!! that sounds fun that could be me, you know. I think I need great sex, just sex not anything more. I am too busy anyways to start-up any emotional drama that would probably end the way the last ended.

I am not really sure about that Natalie, do really want to look into the eyes of different men during sex?“. I DO. I am too hurt to care right now about a certain guy’s eyes during sex I would be lost in the journey somewhere. In fact we should go out tonight; looking at his phone he declines my offer. “Sorry Nat not today, I have to go to bed early tonight because I have a meeting to attend in the morning“. OK! Next week then, without realizing Bee introduced the idea of sleeping with different dudes without any romantic attachment.

That night I went to a nearby pub, had a few drinks came home with this really cute dude who couldn’t get his eyes off me from the moment I stepped in the pub. Straight to my room right after 5 minutes I started to undress him, he says to me, “don’t you want to get to know me?“. “No hun, I just want a good f*** tonight“. He stares at me like I was some crazed chick.

Never losing sight of his eyes I gave him a little strip tease right after I took off his cloth. I could see he liked it, the thought of him being my b**** for the night went out the window. Reaching out for his little man, slides it into me and he moans. He really plays the b***** nicely, pounds on me like it were a marathon, I held him tightly with my legs and I screamed, “you are… you are…you are“. He looks at me you whispering, “I am what?“. “You, you, you are, you are MY B*****“, I shouted as he roared .

Did he hear me say that?


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