Rae’Em ft. Yung6ix – MAMA ROLL 2.0 [prod. by O’tee Beatz]

Rae'Em ft. Yung6ix - MAMA ROLL 2.0 [prod. by O'tee Beatz] Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Rae’Em [real name = Raymond Emamezi] is a native of Isoko from Delta state, Nigeria. He has been underground for a while learning the art of rapping and music as a whole; he has been affiliated with some of the best acts down South and is a member of the Yung6ix collective “Kashkamp”. A 2011 graduate of Computer Science from the Delta state university, the 22 year old artiste though more recognized as a rapper, of Which he was drawn to the music art by hip hop and rapping, has a flare for other genres of music and is quite versatile. Under the Triva Records banner, he aims to fully and officially launch into and upwards the music industry locally, and beyond.

Rae’Em drops version 2.0 of his smashing hit single “Mama Roll“, and he’s featuring Yung6ix. The track was produced by multi-talented producer O’tee Beatz, who is currently working with Yung6ix on his debut album titled “6ix’ Oclock” album. “Mama Roll 2.0” is a beautiful club banger that mixes elements from Afrobeat, Trance and House Music and metamorphises into a new sound. Rae’Em and Yung6ix throws playful bars on it. The first version is already the toast of deejays in Southern Nigerian and beyond. This one is an easy spin for deejays as well. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Rae’Em ft. Yung6ix – MAMA ROLL 2.0 [prod. by O’tee Beatz]


27 responses to “Rae’Em ft. Yung6ix – MAMA ROLL 2.0 [prod. by O’tee Beatz]

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