Slim T ft. Iye – OJO [prod. by Ex-O]

Slim T Ojo Cover Art |

Following the huge success of his Lagos city anthem “Lagosians” and a brilliant 2012 so far, Trip City Entertainment’s very own Slim T is proud to present his very excellent new single for your listening pleasure. Featuring Iye on vocals and produced by Ex-O, “Ojo” is the second single to be released from Slim T’s forthcoming debut E.P titled “The Uprising EP” due out on Trip City Entertainment in 2013.

Led by a very remarkable strictly live instrumental backdrop featuring acoustic guitar strings, commanding drum patterns and lush horn arrangements, “Ojo” is a call to arms which sees Slim Trapping boldly about the everyday tribulations faced in Nigeria – from the floundering economy to the lack of electricity to our education system – and the ever present need for change in our country.

Iye adds a life-affirming dimension and balance to “Ojo” with her amazingly soothing vocal performance and much needed message of optimism and positivity.  Together, Slim T and Iye highlight an exciting artistic chemistry on “Ojo” as Slim T’s commanding and hard-hitting rap verses are complemented by Iye’s beautiful vocal chorus calling for togetherness, hope and positivity – all of which are brought together gloriously by Ex-O’s musical milieu. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Slim T ft. Iye – Ojo [prod. by Ex-O]


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