Jojo – NEVER SAY NEVER KEH [Justin Bieber Sample]

Jojo Never Keh Artwork |

Introducing new and exciting up and coming indigenous rapper Jojo with his brand new record titled “Never Say Never Keh” released via Abe Aja Records. Remixing Justin Beiber’s original smash hit “Never Say Never” and sampling vocals from the Canadian Pop star, Jojo’s brilliantly crafts a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek rap record which not only vividly describes the everyday hustles of street life in Nigeria but also highlights his impeccable Yoruba delivery, wordplay, commanding flow and distinct rap style.

In just under three minutes, Jojo grippingly raps and paints a intense picture about the intrigues of life on the streets of Las Gidi – from street fights in Mushin to money rituals to Odeshi magic – in very enthralling and somewhat satirical fashion as if he was talking directly to Justin Beiber and his aptly placed “never say never” vocal samples. “Never Say Never Keh” is definitely worth a good few listens – if not only for the clever concept and the ingenious way in which Justin Beiber’s vocals were flipped and sampled, then simply for Jojo’s excellent rap skills and story-telling prowess! | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Jojo ft. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never Keh


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