Nat’s Series: Ep 1

The bizarre thing about being single again is the decision whether or not to get back in the relationship game or just stay single for a long while. Natalie loved being in a relationship, loved the attention, the advantage it brings when dealing with emotional issues as she had a very small circle of friends whom she loved to death and are always there for her. Most of Nat’s close friends are scattered around the world so you understand why she liked being in a relationship. Moreover, they (friends) were all in a happy blooming relationships so she just had to be in one too.
Not until the psychopath she dated for 3 years and fell so deeply for, gave her those cold excuses one is never to hear. Nat cried for 2 weeks; I think she used up all the tears one is supposed to use per person by then and even though telling the tales of her collapsed relationship made her cry all the time, after 2 weeks she just had no more tears left to shed.
One night after the breakup, she called Bee Bee (1 of her best friends) to give him a low down on how tragic her past few weeks had been. Bee Bee was a year 2 architect student whom she had known for 5 years and had been best friends for 4 years. Only 3 months ago he decided to quit studying to go join the army and fight for his country. Bee Bee is the reason behind her new enhanced mode of dealing with the opposite sex and relationships of which we would find out along the line.
Natalie is an art dealer in her mid 20’s, she was raised by a single mother, had 2 beautiful siblings and didn’t have much male company growing up. As you may suggest 3 years ago, Nat who is a beautiful intelligent also successful woman had been through most hard times without the help or guidance of a man. Going into her 1st real relationship she was a naïve young heart in need of love, thought she had it all – FAMILY, A GREAT CAREER, MONEY AND LOVE.
After the break up, everything starts to fall apart and so she decides to embark on a journey most women think about, go through in life and finally give back in. Nat’s case was different to the others as she discovered so many things along the line. She chooses to live like a man by treating men like sex object, never wanted to be in a relationship and most importantly NO MORE ROMANCE.
No Romance??? She would say – Who needs em??


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