P.R.E ft. 2face Idibia – TAKE IT UP [prod. by Leriq]

P.R.E ft. 2face Idibia - TAKE IT UP [prod. by Leriq] Artwork | Artwork

Young versatile artiste, P.R.E follows up his debut solo release “Tatashe” with “Take It Up” featuring 2face Idibia and produced by Leriq. This energetic, up-tempo track is a remix of “Take It Down“, a pet project from his time in PH. His passion and energy are clear and infectious and this track is sure to get you moving and singing along.

His first solo single “Tatashe” is still enjoying significant airplay and his versatility and passion for music is also clear on “Bad Oh” featuring Phenom and his appearance on “PH-London-Paris” with Burna Boy, other releases which have not gone unnoticed by his fans.

Hailing from the South-South region of Nigeria [Bayelsa], P.R.E [Pretty, Rude & Entertaining!] brings his own brand of Afro infused rap & R’n’B to the Nigerian and international music scene. Formerly one half of duo Twisted Minds, P.R.E strikes out on his own as a confident and outspoken artist with his own individual style.

A versatile lyricist with a great ear for amazing sounds, P.R.E is inspired by a variety of artists such as Damien Marley, Wyclef, Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G and Usher. He has developed his signature flow and production skills and is ready to take on the Nigerian music scene with his own exciting brand of entertainment. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ P.R.E ft. 2face Idibia – TAKE IT UP [prod. by Leriq]


28 responses to “P.R.E ft. 2face Idibia – TAKE IT UP [prod. by Leriq]

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