RadioHitShow S02 Ep21: 2face is the New Star of Rentaghost!

RHS S02Ep21 |

Sup folks,

My mother used to say that too much of everything is bad and quantity is the enemy of quality. I assume that includes doing features on people songs. Even though we know how humble and down to earth 2face is, I still think he should say “No” more often, at least he should have said it to this song.

Find out which song now! Songs reviewed this week:

| Falz The Bad Guy ft. Saeon – Cool Party
| Burna Boy – Tonight
| Phenom – Murder Dem
| Azadus ft. 2face Idibia & Sound Sultan – See Trouble
| Sossick ft. YQ – Jen Mo



6 responses to “RadioHitShow S02 Ep21: 2face is the New Star of Rentaghost!

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