Juzt Courage ft. Edtunez – CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN

Juzt Courage ft. Edtunez - CAN'T HOLD ME DOWN Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Juzt Courage [Ejuvwefe Erhivwiohwouvie Etaedafevwerha Courage] is a 16-year old talented rap artiste from the South-South of Nigeria. Juzt Courage has been bubbling under the Nigerian rap scene for quite a while now, having dropped 3 singles [“Man’s Greed“, “No Be Lie“, and “Courage Or Fame“, which featured Fame] earlier this year [2012] off his soon to be released EP titled “Better Dayz; Juzt Ahead“; they received great reviews from fans and critics alike. He also appeared on GriotXL‘s “Soul Therapy EP” alongside Boogey, Mo’ Fame and Feedback.

Juzt Courage is known for his deep, emotion-filled lyrics. “Can’t Hold Me Down” tells the struggle of a broke, but determined up and coming rapper in the Nigerian music industry, and it features Edtunez, who recently released a single titled “Hello There“. Both artistes rep the Sublym Mindz Movement.

Juzt Courage is currently unsigned. | ENJOY!!!

Juzt Courage ft. Edtunez – Can’t Hold Me Back


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