Al'Chaddas - Invincible Artwork 2 |

He needs no further introduction as he has been everywhere since this year [2012] started. Having dropped off 3 singles between the months of January and March together with releasing his 14-track “ALcyclopediamix-tape [also in the month of March], Al’Chaddas still puts in more works to bring us 2 fresh singles only recently [“Mind Your Manners (None Like Me)” and “Something’s Missing“]. Now, it’s the 9th month of the year, and he decides to release a brand new single titled “Invincible“.

This new single sees Al’Chaddas carefully sampling one of Machine Gun Kelly‘s instrumental, on which he speaks about himself going through life’s endeavors, the tides it brings along with it and also getting to the end, whilst still breathing and comfortable on his feet.

A lady once asked him: “Chaddas, I still wonder why you always rap about yourself“, and in Al’Chaddas words, he replied: “Why do you think I make it sound so easy? That’s the easiest story I can tell“. Listen up to this fresh tune coming from Cheezville‘s very own Al’Chaddas.

It’s going to be of note that this would be the last mix-tape material coming from Al’Chaddas as he confirms that he’d start working on his own singles and we’re expecting to see some dropping before the year runs out. | ENJOY!!!

Al’Chaddas – Invincible


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