Yemi Alade ft. L.O.S – UCHE FACE [prod. by El Emcee]

Yemi Alade ft. L.O.S - Uche Face [prod. by El Emcee] Artwork |

The “Ghen Ghen Love” belter has resurfaced with a tune crafted to quench the taste of party lovers, disc jockeys, fans and critics alike. Yemi Alade announced the release of her latest single “Uche Face” about two weeks ago saying: “I’m so excited about this record and cannot wait for the world to hear it“.

Brace up for the excitement, as the vocal powerhouse teams up with boyband L.O.S, and together they deliver a head-bumping and bottom shaking number. The song was produced by El Emcee; we recommend you put on your dancing shoes simply because it does not get better than this. | ENJOY!!!

Yemi Alade ft. L.O.S – Uche Face [prod. by El Emcee]


14 responses to “Yemi Alade ft. L.O.S – UCHE FACE [prod. by El Emcee]

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