Luni ft. Tosbreezy – ONE THING TWO [Audio + Video]

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Rising Nigerian rap sensation LUNI returns with the very infectious and creatively crafted new music video for his latest single titled “One Thing Two”. After bursting unto the scene last year with the massive “Lakulli” and making a huge splash on Nigerian radio airwaves with his sophomore record – the infectious “One Thing Two” – earlier in the year, this long awaited and hugely sought after music video is now upon us!

Directed by the dynamic Paul “Gambit” Obata and centered on a boring office going wild and letting it’s hair all the way down, the music video for “One Thing Two” is an infectious visual representation – not only of the excellently catchy single but also of Luni’s witty lyrics, wordplay and contagious flow. Everything from Gambit’s clever use of creatively-crafted emoticons and imagery to the humorous typography and dialogue to the enthralling party scenes gives this music video a welcomed fun-filled edge and makes it a MUST watch! | ENJOY!!!

LUNI ft. Tosbreezy – One Thing Two

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LUNI [pronounced “loony“] is an acronym for “Like You Never Imagined“. It is the name of emerging Lagos-bred, Benin-born rapper. What probably stands him out from the crowd is his distinct delivery and witty, intelligent lyrics.

Beginning as a young teen clumsily mimicking 2Pac in the privacy of his living room while struggling to recite the lyrics, his love for rap music grew deeper as he began to immerse himself more in the culture and listen to such Hip-Hop greats as Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z and Nas among others. He began to pencil down his own songs and soon developed an acute and unique sense of lyricism and in 2001, he began recording his own original music.

He went on to the university where he blossomed into a truly prolific rhyme junkie while rapping under the alias “Thrill” and performing on a few major shows which included “Music Talk” in 2006. He later became known as LUNI in his final year at university. With his massive debut single “Lakuli” already becoming a certified street anthem in Nigeria, LUNI blesses us with a brand new track titled “One Thing Two”. The song has a fusion of Afro-Pop and Techno music styling which sees LUNI showing off his wit and word play, lyrical dexterities and such great ease as he raps on a genre where most certified rappers dread and shy away from. Currently working on his debut album, Luni recently released the net video for “MVS [Motto vs. Shotcaller]” where he adds his own fresh spin to songs made popular by Drake & French Montana just to whet our appetite and of course “One Thing Two”, his hugely anticipated follow-up to “Lakuli”, has been making big splashes on radio all year. The official music video for “One Thing Two” is out NOW!

LUNI ft. Tosbreezy – One Thing Two

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