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In 2005, “Dipp” [Halfman-Halfamazing] started his career as a musician on the scene with a hit called “Dangerous” on which he featured “M.I“; from there he kept giving us lovely songs like “Pop Off Selacta” and “Ko Soro Nbe” which featured the late “Dagrin“. He consistently gave us groundbreaking videos [that has bagged him various awards] and gave us unmatched electrifying stage performances that left us in awe. Well guess what, he’s BACK AGAIN!!!

After his 1st single this 2012, titled “Fly Away“, this July 2012 under the umbrella of “Phoenix Records“, he is set to return to the scene with another electrifying mega hit titled “Owambe”. The new “Dipp” promises new sound, look and character. This transition of the R&B/Pop performer is set to blow your mind this 2012. So brace yourself!!! ENJOY!!!

DIPP – Owambe

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