Afro-no -romance

What is the deal with Nigerian men and some women being anti romantic?

I must admit I have had the most unsuccessful and non – romantic relationship experiences with Nigerian Men. Having a discussion on this would raise questions like : why have you not tried dating men from other countries, have you dated all the Nigerian men in the world or how many relationships have you been in? All theses questions do not seem to answer the question as to why most Nigerian men I repeat MOST Nigerian men fail to be romantic to the person who they claim to love or are in love with? Why do they seem to be more  of these sort of men that are attracted to good ladies because they intend or want to get laid.

Childhood Set back?

Growing up, all infants experience that first bond with their biological mother or carer but I can not help but wonder if this emotional attachment extends to the father and even if it does how physical is it and when does it end? Growing up (Nigerians) did you ever walk into your parent snogging or just after they got some action, ever witness your dad or mum saying I Love You or I miss You to each other, as a child did your dad or mom tell you how much they loved and appreciated you?

It is  safe to say a father would strive and work hard to provide for his family , is that an excuse not to express your love for your child male or female? He would go an extra mile , go on trips, stay up late doing work related stuff but would miss important things in his child’s life . m sure many would agree this in turn would make the child feel loved by material things the father is able to provide but there is no emotional attachment  from that. I believe Psychologically these kids later would become grown men that are scared of showing affection to their women either inside the bedroom or anywhere else.

No romance

Touched on this issue before with a few of my male friends and we ended up having a heated argument ,well you reading this and thinking , she’s definitely wrong on this case because I know I’m different . But we both know if you are being a hundred percent honest with yourself, born and raised in Nigeria are you really romantic? really?….


I used I BELIEVE and MOST on statements that are my opinions, so everyone is allowed to have thier own opinion and if you don’t agree with me you do not have to.


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