[INTERVIEW] Olamide: the “ILLUMINATI” vendetta

There’s been so much of a John Law about the track yclept “Ilefo Illuminati” by the young, zesty and dynamic dude we all know as “Olamide”. The track, which dropped in the last days of the month of November, has brought about a crucial vendetta as to if Olamide has become a part of the “Illuminati” group, whose objective as being said by many, is to take over the world. Without further ado, let’s get to the major reason why we’re here, which is: the “Illuminati” vendetta. As is written right here, Olamide speaks about the song which he titled “Ilefo Illuminati”, but before then, let’s get to know who Olamide really is…

Born Olamide Adedeji on the 15th of March, in Bariga Lagos, Olamide fell in love with Rap music as early as his primary school days, and soon after he discovered he also had the talent to rap, he began to nurture that talent in the year 2000.

Since then, he has featured on songs like “Who No Go No Know” by Jaywon, “I’m Grateful” by Maiojoe, “Take Me There” by Jahbless, “Ewo Won” by Konga, “Mi O Le Beru” by Samklef, “Kosere Ni Moscow” by Kidakudz, “Terabyte Swagss” by 2phat, and he dropped some nostalgic lines on the collaborative track between him and “Lyrix Coded – Make Way”. Olamide who just released his first album titled “RapSoDi”, which featured artists like 9ice, 2phat, B-rank, Ajasa, ID Cabasa, Terry Da Rapman, Wizkid and many more is under the musical care of “Coded Tunes” boss ID Cabasa. Being a versatile artist, he not only raps, but also writes for different genres of music such as Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Pop. Although his mentor is Jay-Z, he also appreciates music from the likes of Ludacris, Birdman, and Lil’ Wayne. Olamide has performed live on big stages all over Nigeria and he is most definitely a street favorite. It is safe to say, the streets love him and he loves them back.

His music is gaining serious mass appeal and his rap style is being enjoyed by many. “Olamide is here, just like the first day of the year…” – this is how this young talent introduces himself in his hit track (1st single) “Eni duro”, and without a doubt, just like the first day of the year he is going to be seen for a very long time.

Now that we know a bit about this young man, let’s get to the little tale he’s got to tell us about the track he titled “Ilefo Illuminati”…



Estolpropsmedia – Why did you title your song “Ilefo Illuminati”?
Olamide Ilefo is a Yoruba word, which means “float”…which also happens to be a slang on the streets of Lagos…Ilefo = Swag/Self-Carriage/Level – So the Illuminati was derived from the norm “illuminate***English Word***… but it’s also related to some group/society which people are really scared of and all that…So combine and all you get is ***Scary Swag***!!!

Estolpropsmedia – Do you think there is going to be any controversy surrounding the song, most especially because of the title?
Olamide – It’s always been like this from “Eni Duro” to “Young Erikina”…So it’s nothing new to me!!!

Estolpropsmedia – Do you plan on shooting a video for the song?
– Most definitely!!!

Estolpropsmedia – What’s Olamide up to right now?
Olamide – Working on my next album!!!


Well peeps, there you have it…

The young man has spoken himself and from his answers, it’s safe to say that the John Law surroundin’ the vendetta about “Ilefo Illuminati” can now go to rest, as Olamide ain’t a part of the “you know”, but he sure is set to keep thrillin’ us with nothin’ short of “GOOD MUSIC”…


I have decided to add 3 of his songs to this post, and also a video… ENJOY!!!

Olamide “Ilefo Illuminati” – EXCLUSIVE #ACEWORLD DOWNLOAD



Olamide “Young Erikina” [Mobile Video Download Link] – EXCLUSIVE #ACEWORLD DOWNLOAD


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15 responses to “[INTERVIEW] Olamide: the “ILLUMINATI” vendetta

  1. This is not enough evidence to conclude that he’s not in the illuminati. According to the post, he wasn’t ask the question. He should be asked directly. And then we can analyse his reply

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  3. the truth is the source of a thing is its sustainance. I can see the sign of illuminati on your photo shot so i think u should try convince me with something else.

  4. Olamide dont care abt wat they ar sayin,u ar already at d top.neva say neva,keep moving.i see u baby.

  5. …..uh not too bad, everyone with his own life…..different ways and different points of views….just like when my chi+k ba+g , and your chi+k cant…….this guy said he is not part of ‘illumunati’ ….ehenn? you guys should free him na…abi? am doing my own thing, he’s doing his- like it or hate it, that’s your own cup of ‘shepke’ lolzzz… olamide if you join Illuminati, bye bye…

    Shout’out to co’rappers out here.. Meet me on FB ‘LyricsFlows’

  6. They don’t need him. He wants in. We don’t really need the money. We can just make good music, leave a legacy and be happy. If u enter, no way back. He s just a kid.

  7. With the evil hand sign in the last picture……
    I pray the very esu our fathers and mothers prayed God should keep us from, you do not because of money and fame bow down to.
    I pray our God will lead you, DBanj and the others from the very force Jesus talked about.
    Worshipping of the egyptian pyramid, Sun/Moon God like DBanj’s necklace will not fall on you.

    Go to school and leave a humble life.

    What does it benefit a man if he gain all the girls, liquor, fame, money, praise and looses his own soul.

    I pray the H.S within you will lead you toward God’s light and not the other light.

  8. olamide hope sai u hands clean 4 dis stuf{while tryin 2 put ur head where other ar tryin 2 remove their own}

  9. people dont understand hell is real oh no swagger for hell and mind you to every action there is a reaction. so olamide you are a liar no body becomes famous without been part of this group dont liar againts God that he is behind this,if it is God why are you praising yourself and talking nonsense?

  10. Olamide, i luv u, ur songs, nd ur swags. In short i av all of u songs bt 1 tin is sure. If u ar an illuminati member, i’ll hate u. Nd d title of dat song, (ilefo illuminati) d sign u ar doing in dat pic nd d types of songs u sing lately, is attracting atention. I.e every body kwns dat u ar 4 d street, nd its always streets rap u sing. Y ar u nw cuming up wif songs dat illuminati member wud usualy sing. E.g “UNITE”. Bro u rili nid 2 cum nd explain nd save ur self. Cos d streets ar nt hapi wif dis shit. Respect bro

  11. By all indication this young man call olamide is far gone into the demonic world. Have u heard his track legendary hustler? U nid, so that u would some of his myestrious statement. Notice:careful nt be initiated through his lyrics.

  12. dagrin is gone,he is also a rapper lyke u ,so bro live ur life according to God will coz if u die anoda rapper wil com up ,pls dont ioose ur soul bcoz of material tinz.. AJO LAYE ORUN NILE WA ,SO MAKE U SE JEJE

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